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Long story short

   Hi there, my name is Angel and I’m the guy behind the The Pizza Bike project. Cooking has been my hobby  for quite a while and number of friends have been telling me “Angel you should open a restaurant or something”. I’ve opted for “something” because apart from cooking I love mountain biking, everything outdoor, photography,gadgets, cool design concepts and adventures – all that combined with my very vivid imagination and experience of doing so many different jobs in the last 10 years produced The Pizza Bike – The world’s very first portable, foldable wood fired pizzeria able to  serve customers at any location that is accessible by bike. The Pizza Bike is a true gadget powered by high quality ingredients, bespoke hardware and software, highly professional team and of course a little bit of magic to keep everything in place. We started trading in Spring 2015 and since then we’ve been selling pizza and making people smile around South West England and beyond (markets, public events, festivals, along the canals, beaches and many more).  If you would like to learn more details about the project, the story and the people behind it, please check out our blog or follow us across your favourite social media network. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and ideas – we would love to hear your feedback.t


 The Pizza Bike is a unique micro international local corporation which  founded and created by Angel Ganev with the help and support of Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Bulgarian and British friends  Being part of that particular start up has some unique benefits like:

  • Meetings are held over a box of pizza and your ideas and opinions will always be heard and appreciated.
  • Our office is out in the wild which means forget about dealing with printers that don’t print, boring spreadsheets and say hi to the great but unpredictable British weather.
  • You are going to have a lot of fun and a possibility to be part of creating something that never existed before.
  • Your skills, passion, hard work, positive attitude, creativity and sense of humor is what it matters and makes the difference.

In August 2014  The Pizza Bike was just a ” crazy art installation” that looked like that:

The Pizza Bike arriving in the back streets of Melksham

A few months of weekend and late night development transformed it into this:

The Pizza Bike

In April 2015 we officially started trading! The last few months have been very busy for us – so far #TeamPizzaBike has been part of Bristol Eat Drink Market, Somerset Farmers Markets, British Street Food Awards 2015, Warminster Wobble Cycling Festival, Bath Festival Of Motoring, Green Park Station Markets, Secret Garden Party , The Harbourside Market, Bristol, International Kite Festival, Glastonbury Brocante Fair, Bradford on Avon Cycling Festival!

The Pizza Bike - the smallest pizzeria in the world


the pizza bike v3.0 powered by Roccbox[The Pizza Bike v3.0 powered by Roccbox]

The legal bits

   The Pizza Bike is owned and operated by Angel Ganev. The business is fully insured with  Catering Liability Insurance, registered with local environmental authorities and complying with United Kingdom’s  food regulations and legislation. We are based in Bath, Somerset and operating in South West England. For any inquiries please drop us a line  at 

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