Making people smile!



Last weekend I did a small festival in Bristol and one kid asked me “Why did you put a pizza oven on the back of a bicycle?”

“Because it makes people smile” I’ve said  he laughed and said “I have to bring my father, he never smiles”

Starting and running a street food business is hard –  long hours,  long days, stress, problems, mistakes and so many things that happen behind the scenes


But hey! It all pays off when you see the smiles of kids and grown ups.

It all pays off when someone comes to you and say “This was amazing pizza”

I have that dream to put a pizza bike in every city in the world, cause if not else the world needs more pizza bikes more smiles and more positive energy.

This will take time, but we are getting there and when that happen it will be amazing! 🙂

Thanks for your help and support and see you at a sunny spot near you






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