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Pizza Bike’s Most epic bicycle ride!

pizza bike most epic bicycle ride

Over the years there have been many people asking me – “Do you actually cycle this bicycle?”, “How far can you go?” , “What can you fit in the trailer” and much more. The answer is yes – The Pizza …

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One year of using Roccbox



We started using Roccbox in The Pizza Bike in August 2016 and 10 000 pizza later  the ovens are working flawlessly without any problems. They do exactly what’s written on the box – heat up in 20-30 minutes, cook  …

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Making people smile!



Last weekend I did a small festival in Bristol and one kid asked me “Why did you put a pizza oven on the back of a bicycle?”

“Because it makes people smile” I’ve said  he laughed and said “I …

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Life after Kickstarter


Last November in a bid to grow and develop The Pizza Bike we started a crowdfunding campaign  that unfortunately end up unsuccessful. Last few months have been extremely challenging in any possible way, but the good news are  that with …

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The Pizza Bike v2.2 code name “Donut”


Winter is coming and the smallest pizzeria in the world went through a few major upgrades during last few weeks which are turning our little set up into the lightest and most technologically advanced street food unit ever.  v.2.2 “…

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Remember, remember that windy November

People often say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and November 2015 really tried to kill and push The Pizza Bike project to its ultimate limits. Wind, rain, canceled markets, failed Kickstarter campaign, failed business promises, stolen equipment, …

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The show will go on!


Ciao, Hello, Здравейте, Zdravo, ¡Hola!, Bonjour, Alo, Hallo people of Planet Earth,

Our crowdfunding campaign is over and unfortunately we couldn’t reach the goal. The project raised £2,414 of £21,000 goal, has been seen online by 4000 people from over …

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A year with Uuni


Pizza Morning people of planet Earth
We are Angel and Claudia – the team behind The Pizza Bike – The Smallest Pizzeria In The World. The Pizza Bike is the first ever pizza making bicycle powered by two Uuni ovens, …

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Two months Pizza Biking in the UK

sourdough #thepizzabike

    Hello people and greetings from the small team of the smallest pizzeria in the world!

    It has been around 2 very  busy  and stressful months since we started trading our strangely shaped woodfired pizzas and zipping through Bath, Bristol and …

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Pizza.On a Bike!

#Thepizzabike @ Green Park Station, Bath #pizza #wood fired

First day of trading @ Green Park Station, Bath the way that Sarah and Rebecca saw it [ read the full article @ Independent Bath ]…

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