The Pizza Bike v2.2 code name “Donut”


Winter is coming and the smallest pizzeria in the world went through a few major upgrades during last few weeks which are turning our little set up into the lightest and most technologically advanced street food unit ever.  v.2.2 “Donut” is a huge step forward from our v.2.0 “SGP” and features some great improvements like:

  • The dual core wood fired Uuni 2 Engine has been equipped with chimneys and internal thermal sensors!
  • Poor Gazebo has been patched and now comes with a full set of weights to keep us down on the ground in the windy and rainy British winter.
  • Separate prep cooking area
  • Larger front end area with more room for samples and display pizzas
  • Coffee and tea making facilities for all staff
  • Lights and Led illuminating for late night events

The whole set up fits just nicely into a hatchback and we are able to cater for a party of up to 100 people absolutely anywhere.

v2.2 made its appearance at Glastonbury Frost Fayer and proved to be an absolute beast. As usual “Donut” is now available anywhere!

And if you think that “Donut” is mega cool, wait until we release v.3.0 code name “Dorset



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