What’s next for The Pizza Bike


Hello people of planet Earth,

   It’s September now and we wanted to give you a few updates where are we now and what’s next for the smallest pizzeria in the world. The last 5 months has been very busy and intense at times but with a lot of imagination, hard work and help form friends the project is moving forward with a steady pace.  The Pizza Bike got a few scratches, some burns and so on but overall all the equipment is up and running and the concept of a ultra light  street food catering unit is no longer a concept it’s a working business model. Believe it or not the company is now a real micro international  local corporation.

   The feedback about our little set up and pizzas has been very overwhelming anywhere we have been and we can only say Big Thanks! to all of our hosts, event organizers, customers, friends that have been supporting us in the last 5 months.  It’s has been very challenging to make all this project happen, but rest assured we are here to stay and make more and more and more pizzas, garlic breads, nutlella bread, calzones and so much more. It’s not about how many pizzas we can make, it’s about how many you can eat, because if you are hungry for more we will find a way to cook more.

   The next  big step of our journey will be Kickstarer. This has been delayed a bit for some objective and boring reasons (think about budget 😉 ), but we are happy to say that it’s all looks very good now and the campaign is scheduled to go live before the end of September. Meanwhile it’s business as usual and in the Autumn you will be able to find The Pizza Bike at The Harbourside Market, Bristol, Glastonbury Farmers Market and at a few other private events across Bath & Bristol Area.

See u at a sunny spot near you!

Angel & Claudia




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