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Pizza Bike’s Most epic bicycle ride!

pizza bike most epic bicycle ride

Over the years there have been many people asking me – “Do you actually cycle this bicycle?”, “How far can you go?” , “What can you fit in the trailer” and much more. The answer is yes – The Pizza …

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What’s new for The Pizza Bike in 2018


New Premises!

2018 looks quite busy and exciting already and without a doubt the most significant news is about our new premises. From April 2018 the business is moving into a small commercial kitchen in Tunley Farm Estate located just …

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One year of using Roccbox



We started using Roccbox in The Pizza Bike in August 2016 and 10 000 pizza later  the ovens are working flawlessly without any problems. They do exactly what’s written on the box – heat up in 20-30 minutes, cook  …

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Roccbox vs Uuni 2

After a number of people asked me online and offline why we moved from Uuni to Roccbox  I finally had some time to put a short post comparing them and giving a few thoughts about both.


Let’s start with Uuni. …

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The Pizza Bike v3.0. – Now Powered by Roccbox


Ladies and gentlemen,  The Pizza Bike v3.0 “Dorset” is finally here. As usual we’re riding on the bleeding edge of mobile catering equipment and the bike is now powered by Roccbox!

Our #ExtremeEngenerring Department is currently integrating the ovens in …

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