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Great ingredients make great pizzas!  Simple as that!

   Keep it quiet, because this is our little secret – We only use fresh and organic ingredients that are sourced from local suppliers and  traders. This way our customers can be assured that they  are getting the best possible quality at the best possible price. We don’t use expensive laboratories where you can “develop”  “the new barbecue chicken flavour” and our cheese is fantastic without being made from plastic. Our pizza is simply made from scratch with no added extraterrestrial  chemicals or flavours. Most of our ingredients are sourced from La Bottega, Bath. 


 Meet Spelty – the Sourdough starter powering the magical flavour of our pizza!

   Let’s start with the starter – Now days there’re many different types of yeast that you can use to make dough  –  fresh baker’s yeast , active dry yeast, instant yeast, baking soda etc. They are all quick, simple and easy to use and with a little bit of practice will give you great results. On the other side of the equation sits the mysterious, unpredictable  and spontaneous  sourdough culture, that frightens even experienced bakers. It’s like a child – you have to take care of it, to feed it, to talk to it, to give it a name. So why bother using sourdough instead of commercial yeast? Well it’s more fun, more personal, it’s not an exact science, it’s different and magical. It’s like real life – you keep those microorganisms  happy enough and   they will work together to produce that fresh, chewy and  sour taste of a real magical bread.

   Our starter is called Spelty, it was born in January 2014 in the beautiful city of Bath, Somerset. Like every other starter born in Bath, Spelty has a bit of a posh diet of exotic and  ancient flours  like  Spelt, Rye, Einkorn and  Whole Wheat (all organic of course 🙂 ) . Ever since it was born Spelty has been producing wonderful homemade bread, pizza dough, bagels, pancakes and many more. When it’s not baking Spelty likes to chill out in the fridge and  bubble with other starters or to cruise down the canal path on its  fancy orange bike.


 What about the Dough?

  This is some serious dough! It contains only sourdough starter, Shipton Mill’s organic  flours and Himalayan  salt. Nothing else! Nada mas! It’s mixed by hand and left to leaven and develop its flavour for at least 2-3 days before being tossed in the oven. This is the beauty of baking with sourdough – it takes time. The more you leave it  to leaven, the better the flavour gets. And of course the taste is always different. Please be advised that  we don’t offer gluten free pizza bases#thepizzabke-#teampizzabike-#art-

  Toppings you will  fall in love with!

   Great base is a great start, but spread some world class toppings and you will get some world class results!

       We use Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, Oak smoked cheddar, Goat cheese, Sobrasada de Mallorca (Sobrasada is a raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices. It’s simply delicious on its own, but when melted on a pizza – well that’s the real deal!) . Without goin into further details – all of our toppings are top quality – here a some real photos of our real ingredients

Organic tomato sauce for pizza

Italian Buffalo Mozzarella


Casademont Chorizo Extra #thepizzabike


The pizza bike menu

The Pizza Bike’s menu started with 3 pizzas in 2015 and over the years  a few more have been added on the menu to make it a total of 10. Each pizza has it’s own story

Margherita  Italian classic: 10″ Sourdough base, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil (v)  

Pepperoni – The American Style: 10″ Sourdough base, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, pepperoni 

Sobrasadita – Taste of Spain: 10″ Sourdough base, tomato  sauce, buffalo mozzarella , Sobrasada De Mallorca, chorizo, cheddar cheese  

Somerset Special – From Cheddar with love: 10″ Sourdough base, tomato sauce, oak smoked cheddar cheese, oregano, fresh basil (v)

Bianca – Authentic street food classic from Rome: 10″ Sourdough base, buffalo mozzarella, oak smoked cheddar, fresh basil, pesto (v) 

Secret Garden- Inspired from a festival that happen no so long ago: 10″ Sourdough base, tomato sauce, mushrooms, goat cheese, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes (v)

The Jolly Vegan – Vegan delight : 10″ Sourdough base, tomato sauce, black olives, jalapeño peppers, mushrooms, oregano, fresh basil,  olive oil,  vegan pesto (v)

Hamazing- British Classic: 10″ Sourdough base, tomato sauce, ham, oak smoked cheddar, oregano

The Bell – Peak between meaty or vegetarian and let the chef make it for you

   Our menu is simple but powerful. Feel free to try different combinations and explore food from UK, Spain, Italy and beyond cooked out in the wild right in front of you without the hassle of leaving that sunny spot along the river!


   For more detailed information about the ingredients and techniques that we use, please check our Wiki page which is packed with plenty of nerd and nutrition information to keep you educated and entertained.