A Great Weekend At The Great Bath Feast

The Great Bath Feast 2014

The Great Bath Feast is a melting pot of wonderful flavours and lively personalities; of cakes and ale; of great gourmets and warm gastro pubs; of buns and cook books; of gastro gadgets and wine and food matching… a month long Food Festival where all of the participants are keen to share their enthusiasm for fine food and drink with you. http://greatbathfeast.co.uk/

Mina come for a visit this weekend and we went for a stoll with her and Val  through the city exploring some of the events and trying the food. It was a sunny Saturday, Bath was absolutely packed with people and we had a great time.

Bath Vintage Market

   On Sunday we went to Green Park Vintage Market and there was a wood fired pizza shed, we tried the Margherita and I was thinking “It’s not bad, but wasn’t something special and I can definitely do better than that”. They had a trailer with wood fired oven,  Gazebo and all the other bits and pieces that you can find in wood fired pizza van. My idea from the summer about a bicycle that makes pizza slowly surfaced out again and started thinking again how I can make it real? It was obviously impossible to fit all the standard pizza equipment on a bike,  it had to be something not standard,  but any oven I’ve seen before has been massive, heavy and suitable for a van not for a bike.

Afternoon tea at The Thoughtful  Bread Bakery in Bath

   After that we went for an  afternoon tea at at The Thoughtful Bread Bakery afterwards and kept chatting about markets, stalls, pizza, business opportunities and so on,  but reality was spending £ 10 000+ for a wood fired pizza van wasn’t something that I can fit in my budget at all. So the idea of The Pizza Bike remained an idea, that kept bugging my mind how to make it real.


   To be inline with the Great Bath Feast we topped the weekend of tasting with a medium size homemade Wild Boar burger. ( Calories per burger – unknown)



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