Bristol Harbour Festival 2014



   Bristol Harbour Festival is probably on of the best urban festivals in England. The whole harbour area is packed with music, soul food, so many colorful people and  on a good day feels absolutely great. Perfect place to make some pizza right?



Bristol Harbour Festival 2014

   The Pizza Bike team arrived a bit late on Sunday with no idea where we gonna set up the improvised art installation. Soon after we found the perfect place and it was time to  light up the bike and roll some dough ( and have a pint of beer of course, it’s festival time 🙂 )


   What was the verdict? Well nobody got interested, only one person actually tried the pizza, the wind blew away our  “advertising flyer”, on the way back the basket felt on the ground and the terracotta tile transformed into three terracotta tiles so  a critic might say that the whole thing was a fail and people might laugh at us, but at the end we had some pizza on the quays, had a lot of fun making it, enjoyed the sun and the Marketing Director at that time bought a lovely new dress – not bad for a first day, innit?



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