The first trial

   Few days after I light up the bike for a first time I decided I should share that unique experience with the world. I’ve made some dough, bought some cheese, get the tomato sauce ready,made a quick Facebook page about the idea  and send the following email to everybody at work

Hello everyone,
Please come along at Aisle 20 in the warehouse around 12:30ish or later for a free made on location pizza (no stock check, and counting included ). Pizza available until supplies last.
Spread the word and share around.

Read more @ and don’t forget to hashtag #thepizzabike 🙂

See you later

The response was quite normal

You’re not actually cooking it in aisle 20?


Well around 12:30 Sheena come and she was wondering what was the pizza joke about. Well 2 minutes later she had a pizza in her hand and  the word went around the office that Angel is making pizza for real. people start coming down and wondering what the hell was going on. Magic happen for a second time! 🙂



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