Help Green Park Station fellow traders recover from the fire!


As most people in Bath have seen or heard, a fire broke out in Green Park Station on Sunday 23rd of April and  completely destroyed Wolf Wine and Maureen’s ( falafel hut ) cabins. The rest of the huts were also damaged to a certain extent and remain closed for now. 

The Pizza Bike Bath Green Park Statiion

   I spend a good few years there trading first with the the bike and then in the shop ( that later become’s Maureen’s home) and although I left Green Park Station in 2018 I never actually left and have been there at least a few times a week for shopping, falafels, cakes, odd pint, bike repairs  and good old banter with the rather quirky Green Park traders.

   To see the station like that and so many fellow traders impacted especially just before reopening after a few years of covid, roof repairs and so on is just heartbreaking.

   It’s quite clear that repairs would take time and rebuilding won’t be easy. 

    Wolf Wine, Maureen’s , Honey Hut and The Painted Flower have all started gofundme fundraisers to get some support and keep going. You can visit their fundraisers pages and read in detail about how you can help – either with a small donation or sharing the story with friends and family – every little thing would help! 

Wolf Wine –

Maureen’s –

Honey Hut –

The Painted Flower –

You can also get in touch with them via gofund me or social media if u can offer any other support and help!

I hope that the rest of Green Park Station would be open soon for the markets and the other traders not directly affected from the fire would continue to trade as normal as possible in this challenging situation. Information regarding fire repairing and reopening could be find on the Green Park Station social media accounts and website

   Let’s all help them a little to go through those challenging times!

Lots of love!




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