The Pizza Bike would be CLOSED from 14.06 – 22.06

Pizza morning everyone, a little heads up regarding opening hours and what’s ahead in the next few months. The Pizza Bike would be open as usual through May so if you are after some Bank holiday weekend fun, coronation party, Bath Festival, Bath Fringe Festival etc and your final destination is The Bell Inn rest assured there would be pizza for everyone.    

       The shop would be CLOSED for a week after that ( from 14.06 to 22.06 ) . And would be back open just in time for The Bell’s  10 years anniversary, annual  shareholders meeting and all that hippy happy pub corporate stuff coming up at the end of June. 

   Big thanks to everyone who stopped by in the last few months and to the bar team for keeping me going with balloon water and inspirational cups of tea. It has been an incredibly busy March and April and I really appreciate the support. I’m sorry for the delays on some evenings. I’m training my AI bot to help with the pizza but unfortunately it still needs lots of machine learning to navigate its way in the pub and real life.

    Speaking about technology – after a few months of being offline is back online thanks to Walcot St’s digital wizard Jon Wolfe. If you need up to date info regarding opening times, menu, having a party at The Bell and want to preorder food etc, best is to use the website and to get in touch. 

  Have a lovely week and see you in the garden! 


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