All of our pizza dough is produced by hand using a blend of  organic Shipton Mill’s flours, sourdough culture,  Himalayan salt and water. The dough is then slow fermented for at least 36h .


The long and slow fermentations makes it easy to digest while giving it deep and unique flavour.  Like most things in life great pizzas take time and if don’t have that time available to prepare your dough you could  simply purchase it from. It costs £2.50 and it makes one 12″ pizza

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How to use it?

The dough is freshly frozen and ready for use. For best results we recommend you to defrost it at room temperature or overnight at refrigerator. Once defrosted simply dust the countertop with flour and strech the dough by hand or using a rolling pin.
Go easy with the toppings and bake for  10-15 mins at the highest possible temperature.

Our pizza dough is available to purchase from