Extreme Engineering has never been more fun!

   We live in the future. Extreme engineering is all over the joint and technology is advancing with every second. Humanity is building spaceships, flying cars, unnecessary complicated microwave ovens, advanced hand dryers, everything is high definition and this is absolutely awesomely inspiring! It seems like everything is possible, innit?


The Pizza Bike v.1.0

   It’s not a bike and it’s not a pizza shop – It’s The Pizza Bike – a magical bicycle able to produce the most bizarre pizza you’ve ever tasted!


Here are some of the bike’s features:

  The Pizza Bike is based on Canellini’s Beach Cruiser bike –  it has six gears drive train, classic V brakes, aluminum frame, portable pizza oven, wooden crate, washing sink, dedicated fire extinguisher, cargo trailer, table, coolbox, high definition 35mm camera, really cheerful bell, on board computer and all the cooking equipment to make pizza anywhere!


Engine you can trust

   The Pizza Bike v3.0 (2016) is powered by Roccbox- a portable pizza oven zooming from 0 to 450° C in no time. How long it takes to make a pizza with one of those? less than 90secs. Don’t believe it?  Come and see it then! Ouh and it tastes great!the-pizza-bike-bath

Orange is the new green

   One of the core idea behind this project is to create a business that is fully independent, produces minimum waste and encourages people to spend more time out in the wild enjoying the nature and eating well. The Pizza Bike is powered by pedal power, fire and electricity.

250 W Motor

The 250 W electric motor makes The Pizza Bike completely independent and sustainable establishment  able to zoom through the countryside with a whooping speed of 15 miles per hour

The Pizza Bike - card reader iZettle

No cash 🙁 No worries 🙂

    Apart from the classic timber crate on the back, The Pizza Bike is a real gadget and features some of the latest technologies in mobile Point Of Sale solutions. We accept all major credit cards at no extra charge. The bike is also equipped with dedicated on board tablet powering the back end of the business and playing some chill out music on the foreground.


Safety First!

   Although  that at any given time there is a very little quantity of pellets burning in the oven, we take fire hazard seriously! The Pizza Bike is equipped with dedicated fire extinguisher and first aid kit all ready to use in case of emergency. The business is fully insured with Catering Liability Insurance, registered with local environmental authorities and complying with United Kingdom’s  food regulations and legislation.

pizza bike, roccbox

[the back end]


The back end

   All of our cookware is brand new and made from bamboo, beech, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and other eco friendly materials ensuring that our pizza is always cooked to perfection without spoiling  its taste or flavour.

the pizza bike bath