Roccbox vs Uuni 2

After a number of people asked me online and offline why we moved from Uuni to Roccbox  I finally had some time to put a short post comparing them and giving a few thoughts about both.


Let’s start with Uuni. Unni has been part of The Pizza Bike fleet from November 2014 and we’ve got 3 slightly different versions of Uuni 2 all upgraded with pizza stones and thermal sensors inside. The oven heats up to temperature in 20-30 minutes and make great pizzas in just about 90secs – 2 minutes. Since 2015 we’ve cooked literally thousands of pizzas at pretty much any conditions including strong gales and torrential rain. The biggest challenge is to keep the temperature steady, which takes a lot of practice and constant monitoring. It’s like playing an instrument you have to be tuned in with the fire. If you feed the pellets properly you can keep them going for 10 hours without clogging the burner.

pizza bike, roccbox

Roccbox is the new kid in town that I’ve started using as soon as the first units landed in the UK. I’ve been using them on gas ever since and It heats up up to temperature for about 20-30 minutes. It makes  amazing pizza for 90 secs. It’s easy to use and it’s keeping a constant temperature without the need to babysitting it all the time. I haven’t got a chance to try the wood burner yet, but as with the Uuni using wood would require some trials and a certain learning curve.

We’ve moved from Uuni to Roccbox because 3 very important reasons:

Performance: Roccbox is producing more consistent results, there is minimum heat loss, it’s way easier to use and maintain, it keeps a constant temperature of the stone of 400-430C effortlessly

Build quality: Roccbox is a solid single body unit without moving parts, it’s insulated and it’s build to last forever.

Design: The lack of chimney and the ability of using Roccbox on gas is opening a whole new range of places where we can make pizzas.

In terms of taste I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about using gas, but after I’ve tried neither I or our customers can’t find any difference in taste and I would definitely say that since we start using Roccbox our pizzas got much better due to the consistent temperature and ease of use. As for the price tag – You get what you pay for and Roccbox is totally worth its £400 price tag


Keep in mind that both ovens are tools and in order to make great pizza you need some good dough. Our pizza dough have been made with sourdough and slow fermented for 36h+ hours which makes a massive difference in terms of taste, texture, bubbles, cooking times and so on. Regardless of the fact that we’ve got 3 Uunis and 3 Roccboxes I still use from time to time the humble pizza stone in my home gas ovens and I still get great results from it.  If you would like to try our pizza dough you can find it online at / delivered to Bath and Bristol/ , at Better Food Supermarkets Bristol or get it direct from us at Green Park Station Bath.

Thanks for reading and happy pizza making!

Angel @ The Pizza Bike





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11 comments on “Roccbox vs Uuni 2
  1. Thomas Egeland says:

    How about this new Uuni Pro? I like the idea of its larger size and it also comes with a gas option for 30 bucks.

    • Angel Ganev says:

      I haven’t tried it, however from what i’ve seen I don’t like the build quality as for the bigger size I don’t really see a point of it. 10 -12″ is a perfect size for pizza.

  2. Mike says:

    @Angel, due to lack of chimney on Roccbox, is cleaning an issue ? I’ve seen videos of ppl using and have a dark burnt black opening.

    • Angel Ganev says:

      Cleaning of the Roccbox is not issue at all, you need to wipe off the soot from the inside aprox after every 20h of cooking. You only need dry paper towels and it takes 2 minutes. it’s the same with the front. The front will stay stained but that’s not an issue at all. As for the silicone body If you get it stained it’s cleaning really well while warm with a paper towel and olive oil.

  3. Victoria says:

    How many 10-12″ pizzas can fit in the Roccbox at once?

  4. Victoria says:

    Also, if you switch the gas off for say 15 minutes, how long does it take to get to 500 degrees again?

  5. Steven Callaghan says:

    Very helpful page, many thanks, Angel.

  6. xtinaznap says:

    Have you tried the Uuni with gas attachment? Just wondering if it would be more comparable to the roccbox if using propane vs. the wood pellets.

  7. D Newman says:

    Thanks Angel just found your site and this is very much appreciated regarding the Roccbox Vs the Uuni I’m hoping to set up in Carmarthen other my Dutch Trade Bike very much like your business… Best regards Buzz from Carmarthenshire

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