The Pizza Bike gone Turbo!

The Pizza Bike

   Exiting news form the last week are that thanks to Tom @Green Park Bike Station The Pizza Bike is now an electric bike ready to hit the roads and zoom through the traffic with a whooping 15mph (not bad speed for a restaurant)


So what is like to ride an electric bike for a first time?

   Long story short – It’s a lot of fun and feels a bit like flying. I’ve took The Pizza Bike for a ultimate test ride last Tuesday on a 17 miles commuting trip from Bath to Melksham  and I can only say I’m impressed with the results. Despite the gust winds It took me 1h and 10 mins to cover the distance, with a steady 15mph speed. Doesn’t sounds like something extraordinary, but I was one of the fastest vehicles on London Road in Bath – which is impressive 🙂 ) .  Battery  also performed really well and had plenty of juice for the whole trip (34 miles in total ).  My simple verdict is Brilliant! I’m looking forward to hitch the trailer and tow the whole enterprise through the countryside.

   This is not a review  and there is plenty of information about electric bikes on the internet, but here are a few technical details about the conversion kit from Cyclotricity  that is powering The Pizza Bike

  • 250 W motor
  • Pedal Assistance System
  • 36V/15Ah Battery


Zoooooommmm 🙂



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