The Uuni 2

   Uuni 2 - Portable Wood fired Pizza Oven

   The Monday after we went to The Great Bath Feast,  I was killing some time at my lunch break checking out how much roughly a pizza van would cost and reading about the world of wood fired ovens. Jumping from page to page I’ve landed on Uuni’s website and my first thought was Wow! Is this real? Is it working? My lunch break was over but I kept thinking about that oven, so when I got home I went on the Internet and started researching info about Uuni and their products. 2 hours later I swiped my credit card and an order was placed.

Uuni 2 - Portable Wood fired Pizza Oven

    Two days later a little box arrived and I opened it like it was Christmas, made some dough,  fire it up and voila it was working like a charm – Pizza was up in no time

uuni2 first test

   I bought a few bags of pellets and the following weekend we got together with my secret research and development team into a secret location in Bristol to give it its first proper secret test.

   Long story short – the results were great and The Pizza Bike Project received a green light to enter into research and development phase!



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