In the beginning

It's all started with a bang

   My journey into the culinary world started about 6 years ago in the great state of  New Hampshire, New England with a lot of burgers, cookies, brownies, bread, bagels  and  of course pizza 🙂 . Ever since then I have been cooking, baking , playing with different ingredients and experimenting with food on a daily basis.

Bath, United Kingdom

In 2011 the life sent me in the city of Bath located in the good old England and with so many markets, farm shops and quality fresh  food around  my hobby slowly started to evolve from a hobby into a life style.


At one point  I’ve stopped searching for recipes and moved to the “free ride  cooking” – a style of cooking in which you just mix and match the best possible ingredients you can find, stir in a bit of love and let your imagination guide you to the final result. It might sounds crazy but It’s a lot of fun and everything tastes better this way.


   Not so long ago in January 2013 I’ve made my first pizza in the UK. It looked like that, it was an inch or so thick  topped with a lot of beef and cheddar cheese. It wasn’t something that you can see on the Food Network channel but it tasted great and a little bell rang somewhere in the back of my mind ” I have to make a few more pizzas” . On the next day I bought a pizza stone and so the story of mixing flour, salt,  water, yeast with love, imagination and cheese  began!



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