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The show will go on!


Ciao, Hello, Здравейте, Zdravo, ¡Hola!, Bonjour, Alo, Hallo people of Planet Earth,

Our crowdfunding campaign is over and unfortunately we couldn’t reach the goal. The project raised £2,414 of £21,000 goal, has been seen online by 4000 people from over …

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A year with Uuni


Pizza Morning people of planet Earth
We are Angel and Claudia – the team behind The Pizza Bike – The Smallest Pizzeria In The World. The Pizza Bike is the first ever pizza making bicycle powered by two Uuni ovens, …

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Testing The Pizza Bike in Bristol


Yesterday we successfully tested The Pizza Bike on the streets of Bristol. We cycled for 5 miles, set up the restaurant and made some pizzas. Simple as that!

Support us on Kickstarter and we will go even further

See you!…

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The Pizza Bike is now Live on Kickstarter!

The Pizza Bike Kickstarter

And finally The Pizza Bike is now live on Kickstarter!

Check out the campaign page and  our quirky promo video!
Big thanks to all the people that have been involved directly or indirectly in the project so far! This journey …

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We are going live on Kickstarter on 15th of October!


     Last few weeks have been quite intense in our little pizzeria’s back office, but it’s all good and our Kickstarter campaign is all up and ready to go live on 15th of October!!! It has been an amazing ride so …

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What’s next for The Pizza Bike


Hello people of planet Earth,

   It’s September now and we wanted to give you a few updates where are we now and what’s next for the smallest pizzeria in the world. The last 5 months has been very busy and …

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Bristol International Kite Festival


What a weekend of pizza, rain, sunshine and so many flying creations around! Despite the rain we had a record breaking day on Saturday! Our set up is getting better, faster and lighter.
It’s not about how many pizzas we …

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The Evolution of The Pizza Bike


It has been over a year since The Pizza Bike concept was born! Check out the evolution of our set up and how it grow from an art installation into The Smallest Pizzeria In The World – And probably one

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Next Stop Kickstarter!


Hello people of planet Earth,

   There are some exiting news about the project and what’s next. Long story short The Pizza Bike is heading to Kickstarter very very soon! I’m currently outlining the campaign goals, budget, rewards and all the …

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Setting Cardiff on Fire @ The British Street Awards


That was a mad weekend for #TeamPizzaBike @ The British Street Food Awards!

   I won’t lie here I was about to pull of from the competition 2 weeks before it, simply because of a lot of personal and organisational …

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