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Pizza Morning people of planet Earth
We are Angel and Claudia – the team behind The Pizza Bike – The Smallest Pizzeria In The World. The Pizza Bike is the first ever pizza making bicycle powered by two Uuni ovens, sourdough, buffalo mozzarella, fire and magic. Through the last summer we took our project on various events, festivals and markets through South West UK. We cooked roughly around two thousands pizzas, fed quite a lot of people from all over the world and had a lot fun in between.


After one year of using the ovens on weekly basis at different enviroments I can only say – It does what’s written on the box – makes great wood fired pizza almost anywhere in just about 2 minutes. Using a Uuni is a bit like playing an instrument, once you get tuned in you can make the most delicious music ever.

      The pizza we make is simple, unique, delicious and we would like to share a few of our specials with the rest of all the Unni fans out there.



    Sobrasadita  is our house special that is made of 10″ Sourdough base topped with tomato sauce, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sobrasada De Mallorca, Chorizo and Cheddar cheese .  / Sobrasada is a dry cured pork sausage from Mallorca which is a little bit spicy, a little bit oily, a little bit messy and when melted on a pizza it tastes absolutely amazing! /


     Bianca is the latest addition to our menu and it’s made of 10″ Sourdough base, topped with olive oil, goat cheese, cheddar cheese and fresh basil. Bianca has no tomato sauce, it’s light as a feather and it’s made for all the cheese lovers over there.

Take It Cheesy Garlic bread

       Take it cheesy Garlic Bread – This is the chef’s favorite and our fastest meal on the menu. To make the garlic bread we cook the pizza base first, slice it in half and top it with basil pesto, a few slices of Chorizo, cheddar cheese and rapeseed garlic oil.  Composed like that you leave it in the oven for no more than 10 secs and then voila you’ve got the most delicious snack ever.


The Pizza Bike Kickstarter

We’ve done some amazing events in our first season including British Street Food Awards & Secret Garden Party Festival and we hope to go even further in 2016.


You can find us offline at Green Park Station, Bath every week and all around Somerset and Bristol on the weekends.

and online at thepizzabike.co.uk   / @thepizzabike /

Thanks for reading!

Love Pizza & Share with friends!

Angel & Claudia



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