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Ciao, Hello, Здравейте, Zdravo, ¡Hola!, Bonjour, Alo, Hallo people of Planet Earth,

Our crowdfunding campaign is over and unfortunately we couldn’t reach the goal. The project raised £2,414 of £21,000 goal, has been seen online by 4000 people from over 100 countries and we’ve got 36 backers from 10 different nationalities speaking 8 different languages – all those numbers if not else proved two things:

– The Pizza Bike is indeed a micro international local corporation. 

 – We make the best pizza in Bristol, Bath and beyond but we suck at crowdfunding campaigns.

We did our best to promote the project, but with £200 budget, limited resources and quite a few unpredictable obstacles along the way this was the best we could do.

What’s next?

Before everything BIG THANKS to all of you that backed us up. It has been quite a tense journey but we’re here to stay and focus on what we do best – make more and more and more and more amazing pizza. For the rest of the year you can find us trading at The Harbourside Market, Bristol, Glastonbury Frost Fayre and Chipping Sodbury Christmas Market. Come along and have a slice!

Love Pizza

Angel & Claudia

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