The Pizza Bike

The Pizza Bike’s Autumn/Winter Update


Winter is coming and the news are that The Smallest Pizzeria In The World found home! During the Autumn/Winter season you can find The Pizza Bike in:


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The Pizza Bike v3.0. – Now Powered by Roccbox


Ladies and gentlemen,  The Pizza Bike v3.0 “Dorset” is finally here. As usual we’re riding on the bleeding edge of mobile catering equipment and the bike is now powered by Roccbox!

Our #ExtremeEngenerring Department is currently integrating the ovens in …

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Making people smile!



Last weekend I did a small festival in Bristol and one kid asked me “Why did you put a pizza oven on the back of a bicycle?”

“Because it makes people smile” I’ve said  he laughed and said “I …

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Got Cojones?

Got Cojones?

Have you got the balls for street food? The Arancini Brothers have. That’s why we’ve invited them to trade at Trinity Kitchen this winter. But recently they ran a Kickstarter campaign to keep Brian (their van) on the …

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It’s all about that base!



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

      I’m really proud to announce that after a few months of development and hard work our handmade pizza dough is hitting the supermarket shelves in Bristol. You can find it at Better Food

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The Good News!

The-Pizza-Bike-British-Street-Food-AwardsHello everyone,

It has been a pretty tense and busy May for The Pizza Bike in which apart from our regular appearances around Bristol, Bath and Glastonbury we had an amazing time at  Bristol Food Connections and we also did  …

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Life after Kickstarter


Last November in a bid to grow and develop The Pizza Bike we started a crowdfunding campaign  that unfortunately end up unsuccessful. Last few months have been extremely challenging in any possible way, but the good news are  that with …

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Pizza Bike Season 2! Azione!


Hurray it’s 2016 and we’re back for Season 2 of The Pizza Bike’s journey through planet Earth. In 2015 we grow from a drawing to a real life business operating on regular basis in South West UK and beyond. At …

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The Pizza Bike v2.2 code name “Donut”


Winter is coming and the smallest pizzeria in the world went through a few major upgrades during last few weeks which are turning our little set up into the lightest and most technologically advanced street food unit ever.  v.2.2 “…

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Remember, remember that windy November

People often say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and November 2015 really tried to kill and push The Pizza Bike project to its ultimate limits. Wind, rain, canceled markets, failed Kickstarter campaign, failed business promises, stolen equipment, …

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