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We started using Roccbox in The Pizza Bike in August 2016 and 10 000 pizza later  the ovens are working flawlessly without any problems. They do exactly what’s written on the box – heat up in 20-30 minutes, cook  amazing pizzas in 90 seconds and are built to last for ages.

Build quality:

  • The ovens are built like tanks – they will take any abuse you throw at them – One of our Roccbox ovens has been dropped twice from 90cm on a concrete floor and there have been no damages to the stone or the body. You can’t really want a better build quality.
  • No issues with the gas burner – staring up every time, no leaks or damages to the hoses.
  • The carry on strap is great and it’s durable enough to handle the daily use.

Using the Roccbox

  • The oven needs 20-30 minutes to heat up to 400-450 C  and  it takes 60 -90 seconds for a pizza to be cooked. If you plan a longer session I would suggest heating them up for 1h at full blast. They keep the heat very well and the stone stays at 400C  even after 5-6 hours of continuous use.  You can get the temperature even higher at 500 C but I prefer to cook at 400C – 420C which proved to be the optimum temperature for our sourdough pizzas.
  • The gas consumption is within the range of 300g – 400g per hour depending on flame settings.
  • The oven is cooling down very quickly and 30 minutes after you turn it off you could use the strap to lift it off and and fold the legs, just be careful!
  • Cleaning: The silicone jacket is best cleaned with olive /sunflower oil while the oven is warm. To clean the inside of dome I use a dry paper towel, wipe the soot and shake the oven before start cooking. If you get any mess on the stone just leave it a full blast for 30 minutes and scrape any  leftovers with the peel to the back – that will do the job just fine.
  • Transportation: The Roccbox weights 25 kgs and and could be easily carried in one hand, when folded fits nicely in any car boot.
  • If you use it a windy weather position the oven in a way that the wind is not blowing directly in the opening. You could also use a windshield or jut some aluminum foil around the burners to keep the wind from blowing into them. I never had a issue with working in windy conditions.
  • The oven is designed to use for outdoor use so always use it in a well ventilated area


The Pizza:

  • The Roccbox is a great and easy to use tool that will enable you to make great pizza, however making pizza is not always easy and the final results will greatly depend on what flours you are using, yeast and fermentation, kneading techniques, proofing and of course how much  love you put in your pizza.


  • We make our pizzas  using a combination of Shipton Mill organic flours, our own 4 years old sourdough culture, salt and water. The dough is hand kneaded and then fermented in the fridge for at least 36h.

the pizza bike private events bath brstol

Using Roccbox for business  – In the last year there have been number of people that got in touch regarding using the oven for business and at least a 20 people that now started their micro pizza business all over the world. From the position that The Pizza Bike is the first business build around Roccbox and I’ve been doing it full time since June 2015  here are a few tips and advices how to get the most of it:

  • Don’t invest more than you can lose, actually don’t invest more than £2000 in your set up – with a bit of research and DIY you could fit with within that budget. Along the way any pound that you saved would make a massive difference.
  • Follow all the health and safety  regulations applicable to your country
  • Stick with doing small events –  this is where the Roccbox shines.
  •  Have a basic business plan before you start don’t leave your full time job and do it part time for at least an year before you decide to jump in. Do your math and see realistically how much money you could take over the year, what your profits might be and how that compares to your current salary. Running your own street food  business will need you to put lots of hours in to get it off the ground and might just not be for you or you might be able the earn more doing a different job.
  • Be honest with your customers, know your limits and don’t take jobs that you are not sure you can do.
  • Keep your menu simple and use quality ingredients
  • Pay the people that help you a decent wage – friends are friends, family is family and business is business  -believe me no one likes to carry boxes and work long weekends for free
  • Focus on your business and measure your success based on where you’ve been yesterday, last week, last month, last year.
  • ALWAYS carry lots of cable ties, gorilla tape, knife, bungee cords and some tools – they will save you one day.
  • Have fun and be patient good things take time – See a picture below from The Pizza Bike’s first event in June 2014


Thanks for reading and happy pizza making!

Angel @ The Pizza Bike



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